Contemporary Cottage.

I guess you just have to mix ‘contemporary’ with anything and I will like it. Cottage style has never been a favorite of mine… but I love this house. I think the exterior of it is just absolutely adorable. I love the bright door and the stonework. Also the interior is gorgeous- warm, inviting, and contemporary.

Plus… that backyard. I love it.

via HouzzAustin Architects & Building Designers Chioco Design

Forget My Phone.

My handsome hubby comes home today!! :D

He has been away on a business trip all week… which makes my condo lonely and quiet, my lunch break consisting of driving home to take out our puppy, and a realization that I have no idea how to cook for only one person. Beyond that though it has been a nice week. My mother-in-law and I went shopping on Wednesday which (of course) was super fun. So much fun in fact that I forgot to check my phone and missed a few texts from my hubby. Ooops.

I can’t wait to see him! :D  H A P P Y   H A P P Y   F R I D A Y ! !


one  |  illustrated pride and prejudice cover  //  via the fox is black by leanne shapton

two  |  dots & stripes stationary set*  //  via inhauspress | etsy

three  |  organic wellness tea | dream catcher  //  via rodale’s

four  |  forget to check my phone //  via riffraft

five  |  floral dress your tech 54  //  via design love fest

six  |  chic tidy workspace  //  via lauren conrad

*sadly this stationary set is no longer available

Because I Like You.


You’ve probably seen this video from Colbie Calliat? I embedded it below if you haven’t.

I get a little bit teary eyed every time I watch it. Do I feel like I can’t keep it together? Why yes I do sometimes. But its no big deal. I’ve read some negative comments about this video while I have also seen a really positive reaction as well.

I see how it could be argued that this video is “anti-makeup” which I guess is a thing? So to that point I agree wholeheartedly with the idea that if you like to wear makeup there is no issue with that- in fact I like to wear makeup. I like to take a moment to put myself together and put a little effort into my appearance. There is nothing wrong with that whatsoever.

I don’t think that is the point of the video though- I feel like this is more about how the media portrays women. I believe this video is about how it is a beautiful thing to not look like a model. It is a beautiful and empowering thing to look in the mirror after you take off your makeup and love who you are.

Bonus! Just like last time – you can download this as a iPhone or Android background. :)

Explored. Corvus Coffee.


Yummmmmm….. coffee! I love Corvus Coffee.

My husband and I initially discovered Corvus Coffee at WholeFoods where samples were handed out. I have a love hate relationship with samples at WholeFoods. Love because – well – they’re free samples! Hate because I have a hard time not buying whatever that passionate person is trying to sell. I tend to try to avoid people handing out samples at all costs to keep my budget in check. My hubby teases me about it- saying that if those people knew how I was about samples we would be mauled every time we walked through WholeFoods.

Anyway… I digress. This time actually my husband wanted to try to the sample (cause it was coffee) and he wanted to buy a bag. He almost never does that… that’s how good this coffee was to my very particular husband.

Then they were at the South Denver Fest (which was awesome btw) where we were given a sample of the hopped coffee… yeah. That’s right HOPPED coffee. Coffee that tastes beer in a super delicious way. Oh… and its nonalcoholic which maybe a bad thing to some, but at like 9 in the am I don’t want alcoholic (okay… okay… I like mimosas but that’s a rarity).

Corvus Coffee is based in Denver, Colorado (that’s where I live!) so my handsome hubby and I decided we would stop in a check out their place and see if we could find more hopped coffee. I love their place- beautifully designed and decorated. Plus the coffee is just fantastic. And yes – they had a tap of their hopped coffee for my enjoyment. :D

corvuscoffee2 corvuscoffee3

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