This and That. She Laughs.

Happy Friday! I had a pretty great week this week… the whole gratitude focus has been really awesome for me. At the church service we went to on Sunday it was a really wonderful sermon that featured the verse Proverbs 31- so I was pretty surprised to find it this week on Pinterest.

Plus- next week is Thanksgiving and I get to see my parents and younger siblings. I really can’t wait. :)


one  |  geode shimmer ring  //  via anthropologie

two  |  fall trends outfit  //  via because shanna said so

three  |  dusty rose color palette  //  via handcrafted in virginia

four  |  she laughs : proverbs 31.25  //  via moritz fine designs

five  |  life under linen and cotton  //  via wit&delight

six  |  handpainted wanderlust globe  //  via anthropologie

Gratitude Changes Everything.


Can you believe that Thanksgiving is a week away? My Thanksgiving holiday begins a week from today and I will be back in my home town with my parents. :)

The whole idea of thanksgiving and gratitude has really gripped me recently. I talked about some ways to cultivate a grateful heart last week and I truly believe that it changes everything. Actively practicing gratitude has been a pretty life altering shift for me… in a surprisingly small way.

I look around me and I don’t feel really all that different and it is not something that I notice everyday… but the small things are starting to add up. I thought I would share with you my list of gratitude. I’m just going to skip the ‘big ones’ (you know like family and friends) and focus the little things… which I think are the more powerful things to consistently list off because it is hard to just ‘stay grateful’ for the big things. It is easier to focus on a little sliver of something amazing in your life.

Right at this very moment I am grateful for. . .

my husband putting away dishes right now as I type… and I didn’t even ask him too

the long phone call I had with my mom … I’m so happy we can talk for hours

the view from my living room windows

the crisp (but not freezing) temperatures right now

the way my puppy sleeps on my feet when I’m at my table

the pumpkin pecan candle I have burning that smells like full on Christmas to me

You know… the little cheesy things that people tell you to do…. but that you don’t cause they’re cheesy. Here is the thing. You should just do it. I challenge you to focus on being grateful for one week…. focus on your blessings and push away thoughts of self pity.

Explored. Chihuly at the Botanic Gardens.


So if you are anywhere near the Denver area you will notice that these pictures are from a few weekends ago- before the cold snap and all the snow. That’s just Denver for you.

I’m pretty sure I mentioned that my hubby and I have been trying for a while to get to the Denver Botanic gardens to see the Chihuly exhibit. The glass sculptures are beautiful added to the already beautiful gardens… which were in full fall mode and absolutely stunning.

We finally got there two weekends ago… and low and behold it was free day too. How lucky is that? We tried like three weekends in a row before we actually got there and then the weekend we got there it was free!

Our botanic gardens here are beautiful year round. Summer and spring have all the blossoms. Autumn is changing leaves and the vegetable gardens. Plus, they do a beautiful light show in the winter. On top of that they have a really pretty green house with tropic plants.







Selfie with my hubby. I have to force him to take them with me and his face always turns out with a similar face.






Grapefruit plant in the green house… doesn’t look ripe quite yet, but oh so pretty!



Weekend Mixtape. Ocean.


We have had a very very cold couple of days these past couple days. We (my hubby and I) were feeling pretty excited about the temperature rising above freezing today. :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful wonderful weekend!

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