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Freebie. Hello March.


I’m back to work and getting back in the flow of things. February is gone and I am back from Florida. But spring is coming! :D

There is probably a lot more snow in our future here in Denver- but that’s kind of what spring is like here. We get lots of snow and wind and sun in the spring- its all over the place really. What’s really fun though is the crazy snow days followed right after by bright, warm days that melt all of the snow away. Apart from the wind- I really love spring.


There are the standard wallpaper options to choose from this month. :)

March Calendar Wallpaper

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March Quote Wallpaper

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March Pattern Wallpaper

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This and That. Don’t Just Try to Be Good.

It is our last full day in Orlando. It is back to work next Monday- which isn’t the worst thing. lol. I will say I am pretty happy that we get an ‘unwind’ day on Sunday. I think traveling is exhausting- so I prefer to not have to go straight to work the day after a lot of travel. Sometimes that can’t be helped though.

Anyway… if you were expecting a Disney themed Pinterest finds today… well I’m sorry to disappoint. I kind of fell in love with these subdued, yet highly saturated finds and had to share them.


one  |  warm, modern living room  //  via stilinspiration

two  |  woman modeling hat  //  via museum of london

three  |  sol sana toni boots  //  via anthropologie

four  | get better! don’t just try to be good  //  via it’s a living

five  |  two-bite lemon meringue pies  //  via port and fin

six  |  custom wedding invite  //  via the blogrigo

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Freebie. Amusement Park Packing List.


We are about half way through our trip in Orlando, Florida- and it is awesome. Rainy, but warm- not to hot though which is awesome. Much different from the snow storm we left in Colorado. My hubby is here for a work convention- but we got here a few days early so we could enjoy the parks before hand. Plus, I have been taking advantage of the hotel’s spa while he is busy with his booth and his customers.

Now- my hubby calls me the master of packing… but only when I’m just packing for him. I can make just about anything fit into his carry-on bag which he loves. When I’m packing for myself though I tend to get really antsy and anxious. I pack way to much stuff and go through little anxiety attacks the whole time trying to figure out what to pack… its miserable.

So I decided to try something new and actually make up a packing list for myself that I can print off hold in my hands and check off items. It worked really well actually- I still stared at a pile of shirts trying to decide which ones to bring… but I didn’t feel much anxiety over that. And I still found myself feeling frustrated over my specialty shampoos and I tried to fill up travel bottles. It was really smooth sailing though compared to normal trips… so I think I might be on to something. lol.

I thought I might share it with you guys since it was so helpful for me. Do keep in mind- I built it with my trip to Orlando, Florida specifically in mind. It has some ‘amusement park’ details on it that might not be useful for every trip, but I think I might make more as I take more trips.

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Laughter is Timeless.


My hubby and I are in Disney World! We just left the snow and the cold of Denver for the sun and rain of Orlando… and I am on cloud nine in one of my favorite places. So I might be slow to respond to inquiries and comments- but don’t worry I have a few little posts ready for you while I am away. If you follow my Instagram, you’ll probably see what my hubby and I are specifically up to. :)