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Freebie. Hello February.


February is almost here! Are you already seeing hearts all over your local stores? I started seeing hearts and Valentines decor since about January 2. It felt really early to me… and I didn’t remember it happening so quickly after Christmas in the years prior. On the flip side though- my hubby and I have been really on top of our Valentine plans this year! :)

On we head to the month of love…


There are the standard wallpaper options to choose from this month. :)

February Calendar Wallpaper

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February Quote Wallpaper

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February Pattern Wallpaper

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Unique. Flawed. Beautiful. and Enough.


I am a fragile girl. My feelings get hurt. I struggle with my self-esteem. I’m also mess up… I say the wrong things. I’m not always considerate. I’m human. Perfectly and wholly human.

I had a bit of a break down over the weekend with my self-esteem. I’ve gained some weight… more than I want to admit over the past year. The extra weight has really been messing with my self-esteem as of late… which has affected my life quite a bit. My relationship, my daily activities…. it came to a frustrating culmination with my husband this weekend that really made me examine my perspective.

My skewed self-esteem has been making me testy and moody. Making really sensitive to stuff my husband says or does. It makes me really competitive over others I know (inside my head you know). I’m struggling with my new years resolution to tell myself I am beautiful everyday.

On top of all of it- my perfectionism is messing with my perspective. My husband pointed out that I was obviously beating myself up over… which only makes everything worse.

I’m tired of feeling like I am trapped by my own body weight and food. I am tired of beating myself up over it. I would never utter the things I say to myself on a daily basis to anyone else.

I am unique. I am flawed. I am beautiful. I am enough.

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Add a Romantic Flare. Wall Art.


In case you didn’t notice all the Valentine’s decorations that appeared the day after Christmas (the audacity… have they no respect for those of us mourning the loss of Christmas) Valentine’s Day is coming! Sorry- I crack my self up.

Anyway- my hubby and I are way ahead of our usual selves. We have ALREADY made Valentine’s Day plans. I feel accomplished- we made hotel reservations and restaurant reservations downtown at some swanky place. Plus, we have even planned which bar we are going to hit up after dinner. I’m pretty excited.

Anyway- how beautiful are these sweet and romantic art prints? I’m just in love with them. They are by Lindsay Letters where you can find beautiful cards, prints, and mugs even. Soo pretty. It is all sooo pretty and perfect for Valentine’s Day.

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Martin Luther King Day.


Yes- three posts today, this is an important one though. This is an amazing speech that if you a moment- you must watch it. It is powerful and moving and appropriate for today.

There are incredible individuals in our past… in our country’s past. I think it is incredible that not only do we remember great people with national days… but we can still hear their words and learn from them. All their wisdom and all their passion- still relevant to us today.  Continue Reading