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Happy Friday everyone! We’re pretty settled now in the new house and I’m a happy camper. I just need to hand some shelves in my office and put those finishing touches around the place with artwork and the like. OH… and we are STILL waiting for our LoveSac couch to arrive. That’s been a struggle I’ll talk about in a review post later.

And now on to my links to love!


one  |  still not sure the price is worth it- but these neutral tieks are sooo tempting  //  via tieks

two  |  pardon me while I drool over this blanket by ohhio  //  via decordots

three  |  i’m a day dreamer and a night thinker  //  via jotitdown | instagram

four  |  how cute and down to earth does jessica biel look?  //  via instyle

five  |  love love love this new zealand living room   //  via nz design blog

six  |  new gilmore girls date finally announced!! november 25!!  //  via youtube

SEVEN  |  master your next party with a killer cheese plate  //  via verily mag

Eight  |  homemade and easy cat repellent for your plants  //  via almost makes perfect

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The Emotional Girl’s Guide to Buying a Home.

the emotional girl's guide to buying a home

Phew… so… here I am. We just finished buying… packing… moving… unpacking… renovating… and it is all (really) stressful. Not only does it stress me out but it consumed all of my time (hence my lack of posting).

I think this is a universal stress point- especially when you’re an emotional gal (or guy of course) like myself. All that being said- I kind of did okay. There were a few freak out moments but they were survivable. I recognize them as part of the process. Now that I’m through the thick of it- I thought I would share my personal emotional girl’s guide to buying a home.

We closed on our new house July 7 (little bit lucky right?) and have spent the past several weeks working on the house and getting moved it. Maybe I’ll post pics when we are all straightened out? Is anyone into that idea- a home tour?

Anyway- we had a semi-long closing process of 45 days (not crazy long… but a little long for it being a standard purchase with a loan and downpayment and what not). All that waiting and prepping and so on drove a gal like me a little crazy. I like to be settled so when I was mentally ready to leave the condo but couldn’t… I started to feel all sorts of unsettled.

Let’s step back for a quick moment. Maybe you have never purchased a home- so your experience with home purchases might be limited to tv (like mine was) where someone just says “I’ll take it!” when they’re standing one of the three homes they have toured and then… poof… they’re in that new home just a few tv-seconds later all moved in and happy.

First off- it is a really complicated process. Second of all- depending on the market you’re in it doesn’t always work like that.

For example- Denver is a madhouse market right now. There are not a ton of houses for sale for the size of our population- so houses on the market on in high demand and lots of people want that house. So while you may love the house… so do about six other people. So you have to compete with all those other people for the house.

Then on top of that you have a myriad of contracts and inspections and approvals and financial documents… sound a little overwhelming? Well this is where my little guide starts- Continue Reading

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Hello July! Downloadable Calendar Freebie.

free July 2016 calendar - cover pic

Helloooooooo July! We got stuff going on! My hubby’s birthday is this weekend (plus the holiday). Then we close on the new house next week- and move in a week after that… then we need to list our current place.  But- here is the free July 2016 calendar for you to download.

2016 has been overall just nutso. I’m not one who handles change incredibly well- and I should clarify I guess. I don’t mind change… but I hate the transition period. I hate packing and moving and unpacking… I like being settled. I’m excited about the new house and all the changes that it will bring- but I’m not excited about the unsettled transition.

free July 2016 calendar - quote

I’m sticking with the new linear calendar style again this month. I think it is cute and it has been working well on my computer so far. Tell me what you think of the new layout- and if you want to see different styles for the calendar. :)
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My Favorite Hair Products for My Curly Hair.

favorite curly hair products

I think I’ve mentioned before that I have naturally curly hair. It had been a love hate relationship for almost my entire life. It didn’t help my confidence in high school since I had not a clue how to handle it very well… but with adulthood came a stubborn determination to figure out how to work with it.

Since then I have tried… like hundreds of products to help tame the frizz that is naturally curly hair (I seriously wouldn’t be surprised if someone decided to count up all my past hair product trials and it came in the 100+ range). So I thought I would share my favorite curly hair products.

So curly locks are naturally more susceptible to drying out and frizzing- so I seek out moisturizing products that don’t build up to quickly in my hair but also won’t strip out the color in my hair (I color my hair… did I tell you all that? well I do- I even have bleach blonde and purple streaks in my hair). I also stay super far away from sulfates and I don’t shampoo my hair everyday. In fact I only wash my hair like once a week- and I use cleansing conditioners for the my more day to day routine.

Now- mind you I’ve found that investing a little bit more money into the products has been helpful. Also that I don’t know if these are the ‘best’ products- but they’re certainly my current favorite go-to products.
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