It’s All About That Eye Primer.


So if you are a makeup wearer… wearer… yeah that’s not right… if you just so happen to wear makeup, then hopefully you are well aware of the need for a primer. A primer is quite possibly the most important part of a make up routine if you want that whole routine to be worth it by the end of the day. Personally I think an eye primer is essential if you are wear eye shadow.

When I first started wearing makeup (long time ago) I was pretty frustrated with eyeshadow. It never lasted me throughout the day unless I used one of those creams and those creased pretty badly… so I kind of just didn’t wear eyeshadow I just stuck with my mascara and called it good enough. It wasn’t until I was well into college that I stumbled across tarte’s eye primer – not sure why I picked it up honestly. I think I received a sample of it. I haven’t stopped using it since… which has been like three or four years now. I haven’t had a creased or smeared eyeshadow since I stated using it.

At this point- I actually use two different eye primers basically in my morning routine. The second primer I use is a new addition and isn’t specifically a primer as it is more of an all-in-one cream eyeshadow from BareMinerals. Paired together they keep my eyeshadow on all day and fight my makeup remover pretty stubbornly. When I’m in a rush or doing a ‘no makeup’ makeup I used just the 5-in-1 cream shadow from BareMinerals.

Why do I pair them together? First- I love the color of the cream shadow (Barely Nude) so I don’t just use it as a primer. Second- the 5-in-1 cream shadow will get me through my work day, but starts to wear off right around then. I like my makeup to last me until I take it off (or sweat it off during my workout… no makeup should stand up to an Insanity workout).

Now both tubes are about $20 each- what is fantastic is that the you need a tiny little dot of tarte’s eye primer for both eyes so I go through like one in a half tubes a year. BareMineral’s cream shadow doesn’t last me nearly that long- since I started using it I think I got through a tube about every 3 months or so… which feels a tiny bit pricey to me comparatively. I just love the color… so the fact that it multi-tasks makes me feel better about it.

That being said- if you only want to go with one- go with tarte’s eye primer hands down in my opinion. You should try both though… because they are both great products.

*please note- I did not receive any compensation for the review of this product.*

Freebie. Trick or Treat Tote.


Halloween is this Friday… which I’m sure you knew. My hubby and I don’t really have any plans at this point. I’m hoping that we might get some trick or treaters- but that doesn’t usually happen since our condo is in a controlled building.

I’m miss getting trick or treaters. It is the cutest thing ever seeing little ones all dressed up. I love to ask them what they are.. cute cute cute!

This year I thought I would make a few simple iron-on trick or treat bags. :)


Just download and print! Make sure you have some iron on paper in your printer. :)

This and That. Live Out of Intent.

Happy Friday! Today is my creative exploration day at work- I’m not suppose to go into the office or work on a project that is in my queue but I am suppose to work on something for work. I can work on anything at all- redesign something already built or create something new entirely. There are no restrictions on what we do and how we approach whatever we are working on- I am just suppose to flex my creative muscles and make something beautiful.

I’ve mentioned that I work for a big dotcom company right? I’m a Senior Graphic Designer for HomeAdvisor (which is a pretty awesome resource if you own your own house/condo… whatever). I’ve been working there for almost three years now. It is a really great work environment (obviously…. as I sit here at Tattered Cover during work hours on my creative exploration day).

Anyway!!! This is my personal blog so I don’t like to focus on work to much. I have some Pinterest finds for you today that I’m loving.


one  |  homemade lip scrub with cinnamon  //  via hello natural

two  |  diy crocheted cushions  //  via joann fabrics

three  |  live less out of habit  //  via society6 | jenna kutcher

four  |  cinna-swirl sticky bun cupcakes  //  via three boys unprocessed

five  |  rifle kid’s classic | a little princess  //  via anthropologie

six  |  mara kerr’s makeup & updo  //  via chris lambeth

It Will Not Be Easy.


This is the motto of my adult life. In high school school – work and grades came easy to me and rarely needed to study for anything. Other things were not so easy and I avoided them religiously- social events and interacting with people outside of my circle for example. The whole perfectionism trap- if I didn’t think I could do it perfectly I just wouldn’t even attempt it.

I talked about this a while ago (being a recovering perfectionist), but I’m starting to see a future before me that I really want to pursue. I’m excited about work and what I can become… but I can feel my fears of failing and lack of perfection creeping into my thoughts. I feel excited in a moment and then… doubt myself and everything I can be. I feel really corny writing all of this down- but maybe if I feel stronger when I admit it.

Anything that is awesome and exciting and better will not be easy to achieve- its like exercising. Health and strength are hard earned and fought for and will not come in a single day (or diet pill)- no matter what any infomercial or magazine ad says. About two months ago- I committed to doing the Insanity program. I have only missed two days from the program since I started… which means I’m pretty much torturing myself with these workouts for six days a week. When I’m in the middle of a workout I kind of just want to curl up in a ball and die… Just starting the workout… putting on my workout clothes and putting the dvd in the tv can be really difficult. I feel kind of awesome though having committed and actually followed through- I am definitely stronger and healthier than I was before (I can skip the elevator at my condo and not feel like my lungs are going to explode anymore).

Those horribly difficult, bad-word-inducing workouts have been so worth it.

I have a strong feeling that life is going to be like that- the milestones and achievements that I fight for will be worth it. Fear of failing is going to be part of the deal… wanting to give up at some point along the way seems like a guarantee… but it will be worth it all.

I T   W I L L   B E   W O R T H   I T   A L L

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