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Summer Vacation!


Hey hey! I’m on my summer vacation for the next week and half or so. So things maybe a little quiet around here for a bit. Follow me on Instagram to keep up on what’s going on!

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This and That. Go with Gumption.

Sooooo. Hoooot… Mercy. I prefer the rain. It is so hot friends. But welcome to Friday! It is almost officially summer and the weather here sure is embracing that notion.

I know I’m a bit of a weirdo when it comes to the whole… I dislike heat thing. It the weather could peak out at 75 degrees I would be a happy happy camper. Yes, yes. I know I’m weird.


one  |  beachy bug  //  via birthday wishes

two  |  trina turk swimsuit  //  via merrick’s art

three  |  strawberry ice cream  //  via trattoria da martina

four  |  go forth with gumption  //  via casey kleeb

five  |  gold detailed sandals   //  via styled avenue

six  |  how to style your home like a pro  //  via bhg

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Learning Together. The Good Times.


Sometimes my hubby and I just completely on the same page- you know what I mean right? There are no lurking arguments, hurt feelings, or grumpy attitudes. Inside jokes abound, I can’t get enough of holding his hand, and we consistently slip into an incredibly comfortable knowing silence. It truly is perfection- nothing could make me happier in those moments.

We have a few years under our belts now as a married couple- so I’ve noticed that these perfect time periods come and go. They’re not a permanent state of being (which is also true for the moments when we feel a little out of step from each other). A relaxed middle ground is our usual resting place- content and happy, but not quite to the level of just pure perfection. ;)

I used to feel horribly insecure when those ‘perfection’ moments would fade away a little bit- the weekend would end, the vacation would be over (the perfect times always seem to be on the weekend and during vacations don’t they?)… and we would be back to work and normal. I had this idea in my head that those moments should be all the time- that a happy marriage must be perfect moments all the time.

That’s not really how it works… and honestly I think living at the perfect state would be exhausting after a while and we would expect new highs and levels of happiness beyond what we were experiencing. Learning how to embrace those perfect moments and not worry about when they would end have made the calm moments feel all the more beautiful to me now as well.
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