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Blackhead Miracle Product.


I have struggled with black heads on my nose for… pretty much for as long as I have been aware of looks and acne and all those blessings that come with puberty. I have tried so many different products to get rid of them- scrubs, masks, etc etc…

I’m a huge sucker for ‘black head’ treatment products… so when spotted Mario Badescu’s Silver Powder I was a big ole sucker and purchased it. It promised all the things that all the other products have- diminishes and eliminates stubborn, excessive blackheads. It even claimed that I would see a difference after just one application. I am convinced there in the store that this product will somehow be different from all the rest and actually live up to what it says it will do.

It is a fairly simple product- you dab a wet cotton ball into the powder and then dab/wipe it onto your nose (I found it works best if you nose is also a little wet). Then you give it about 10 to 15 minutes until it is dry and then you wipe it off with toner (I haven’t been using the Mario Badescu toner- I have some Aveda toner that my mom couldn’t use anymore).

So here is where you will probably roll your eyes at me… but this one actually worked for me. I’m honestly still a little stunned about it. I’ve only been using it two weeks and I’ve already noticed a huge difference. It doesn’t happen over night- but over half of my blackheads are gone now.

I highly recommend trying it out… and I was too excited about to know share it with you. lol. I found it at Ulta– but I’ve seen a couple other places as well.

*please note- I did not receive any compensation for the review of this product.*

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Wedding Weekend Mixtape.


My hubby and I are off to a wedding for one of his childhood friends (and the daughter of my piano teacher). I love going to weddings as guests- get an excuse to dance with my handsome hubby in a socially acceptable setting. :)

I gathered some of my favorite romantic tunes to share with you- it is via Spotify since I can embed the playlist here in my page. I am still trying out Apple Music though- and I’m still deciding and learning how to use it the best.

Hope you have an awesome weekend. Congrats to Emily and JD! :D

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Styled. Trendy, Hot Summer All Layered Up.

I’m not usually a super trendy gal… and I never ever thought I would put on another romper since I leaving elementary school. I’ve been seeing all my cute little high school and colleged aged cousins wearing little rompers- I thought they looked adorable but had been pretty decisive that it wasn’t a trend for me. Theeeeeen I found this super adorable, big floral patterned romper at one of my favorite consignment shops in town. It was one of those things where I didn’t look at it very closely- I just loved the fabric and the pattern so I took it to the dressing room.

I almost didn’t even put it on when I realized that it was a romper. I had this little romper when I was little that my mom thought was the cutest thing ever… and I hated it so much so that I can still picture it in my head. When I grew out of it I was kind of (okay super) thrilled. So this is the first romper I have worn since my mom finally decided that other one was too small when I was in elementary school.

Another trend though that I had quite the opposite reaction to though was layering delicate necklaces. I rather quickly jumped into that one and probably have more delicate necklaces now than I should… but that’s like having too many shoes. ;)


Both the romper and the lighter, delicate necklaces have been really awesome for the hot summer weekends when I just feel sticky all day in anything made of denim and when scarves are just out of the question. I can throw on my little romper, a couple necklaces, some strappy sandals and still feel cute and put together. That’s a trend I can get behind.

My hubby and I have spent several hot Saturday mornings at this cute little breakfast spot that is only a two minutes walk from our place. They have great deals on mimosas and brewmosas. Sometimes I can’t handle the bubblies- I get killer hiccups. So my discovery of the super delicious and refreshing brewmosa has been my favorite summer find. I’ve heard of these before I had one earlier this summer- but had never had one. They’re pretty fantastic.


serves 1


4 oz (give or take) wheat beer
4 oz (give or take) orange juice (no pulp)


Easiest cocktail ever. Mix your orange juice with your wheat beer (I prefer Blue Moon honestly for a brewmosa). Done.


I have not tried this with any other kind of juice or beer- but feel free to experiment. I’m guessing you should lean toward a lighter beer (in color). I love this particular combination so much I haven’t been tempted to stray. ;)

Now read on for the outfit details! Continue Reading

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Heading Out on the Road.


Last weekend my handsome hubby and I with our three-legged puppy took a quick, (semi)spontaneous trip to Albuquerque (from Denver) to see one of my favorite bands (Lord Huron) in concert. It was super fun and exhausting and relaxing strangely.

Generally if we are driving a long distance we are usually on our way to my parent’s house for a week or so- which are planned out and highly anticipated trips to me. They’re also super familiar- I know the road back to my parents house really well. We know which rest stops have the nicest bathrooms and best restaurants- we know exactly when we will need to stop for gas and what times are best for the clearest traffic.

This trip on the other hand- I’ve never been to Albuquerque so we had fun deciding the day of the trip which route to take (we opted for the most scenic one even though it added some time). We purchased the tickets a while back, a hotel that was close to the theater, and I asked for the time off… but that’s about it. :)

We picked out a book that matched the length of the trip based on what my phone said (The Last American Vampire by Seth Grahame-Smith.. it was no Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter, but it was really good). We grabbed a bunch of snacks and my hubby’s GoPro and we set out.

We filmed our travels and I made a little video about our road trip- it is actually my first video I’ve made and some of the footage is from my phone since they didn’t let cameras into the theater. I thought I would share it with you- I had a lot of fun making it.

Now you MUST check out Lord Huron if you haven’t already. They’re one of my favorite bands, and they were absolutely fantastic live. :D