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New Home Furniture Wish List

We are less than a month away from signing all the papers and receiving the keys to our new house. *squeeeeee* So excited… and I just can’t help myself. I’m mentally decorating the new house now. Plus- my hubby and I have been visiting stores to sit on couches and recline in recliners and all that for our new place. So it is becoming real and legit feeling! I gatheredmy new home furniture wish list that we have made so far- not all of it are affordable (but the style is what we are after).

new home furniture wish list

So our new place as a couple hundred more square feet than our current place- and quite a bit more living space. Our current place has really big closets and big bathrooms- we are loosing closet space and bathroom space for an extra living room and a third bedroom (plus we’re also getting a garage with storage space and a yard with a deck and a fire pit- the benefits are just kind of awesome).

That being said we don’t really like our current couch- it is cheaper and not horribly comfortable. So we think we might invest in a really pretty, solid couch (that still has machine washable covers that we can also straight up replace with the cats destroy them) as well as invest in a really comfy recliner. We’re only going to have a television in one of the two living rooms… and we are going to put the comfy recliner in that room. :D

Plus- we are ready to get pieces that suit our style a little more- we still mostly just have the furniture from when we were newlyweds. We’ve grown up a bit since then (cause we were babies when we got married) and have a stronger since of style.
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Finding the Perfect Pillow.

finding the perfect pillow for neck pain

With all of my shoulder and neck pain as of late- I started out on a hunt to find that perfect pillow (and I thought I would share the knowledge I’ve garnered with you). Sleep is stupid important… and your body being supported properly during sleep is particularly important. So finding that perfect pillow for you is critical.

Quick note though- different pillows work differently for everyone. I’ll tell you what I’ve settled on- but also lots more information I’ve found since finding the perfect pillow is pretty dependent on a lot of personal preferences.

First let’s start with this- my mattress is a Tempur-pedic (honestly not sure which model exactly… one of the cooling ones). I have discovered that I need a slightly different pillow with different beds. The mattresses I’m usually sleeping on in hotels and at my parents house (for example) are spring mattresses versus my memory foam mattress at home. Now that’s kind of out of the way let’s talk about the pillows.

The Basics of Find the Perfect Pillow

Neutral neck alignment is the ultimate goal when sleeping. That way the neck muscles are feeling no strain so they can relax and recuperate fully. According to my chiropractor- a pillow can’t really cause issues (overall neck and shoulder pain, headaches, numbness, etcetera), but a pillow can certainly exacerbate them. Continue Reading