Styled. Almost Fall.

The weather here lately has been hinting a little bit at the fact that fall is coming (yeah!). I’m getting pretty excited and keep eyeing my boots and booties in the mornings.

On Monday I was able to pull off my black booties with a cute little dress and bare legs. It was perfect for the warm, yet rainy day. What I love though is that with just the addition of some leggings this outfit can move straight into fall (and even winter if you make those leggings fleece lined).


1 |  classic black dress
Need I say more? You should definitely find a comfortable black dress that you love and can easily style up or down… add a belt or not. Pretty much the work horse of the dress side of your closet.  Shop This Dress

2 |  denim jacket
My trusty denim jacket to ward off the frigid air of my office building in the summer and add the much needed extra over in the fall months. Shop This Jacket

I think these oversized studs add a nice pop of sparkle without looking overpowering- I think they complete the summer and fall version of this outfit perfectly without clashing with the statement necklace and pops of red.   Shop These Earrings

4 |  bright belt
Emphasize your waist and add a pop of color under the denim jacket with a skinny belt.  Shop This Belt

5 |  ankle booties
With bear legs with booties are awesome for those warm, rainy days. In the fall that are a classic staple especially with paired with a pair of stockings or leggings. Shop These Booties

6 |  Leggings
Perfect for fall. Add some interest with a strong patterned leggings or add a bunch of extra warmth with fleeace lined leggings.  Shop These Fleece Leggings // Shop These Patterned Leggings

7 |  statement necklace
Pull out a bright, blinged out statement necklace to peak out from behind your denim jacket to add color and interest to a over all subtle outfit.  Shop This Necklace

Best In Faux. Lash Extending Fibers.


There seems to be a new abundance in lash extending procedures and products all around these days. When I saw that tarte had released their version of lash extending fibers I decided to give it a try.

Now- this is full honesty time. I can’t with good conscious recommend this product. I don’t like to focus on negative things on my blog- it is just the antithesis of my goal here. I felt though that I needed to share my experience with this product since I’m seeing it (and other very similar products) all over the place.

Let me say this really quick- I love tarte products overall. They have great great vegan products and have cut out parabens and the like from almost all of their products. So please don’t let this review stop you from trying their products (in fact they have the absolute best eye primer ever that you must try and I will be reviewing shortly).

That being said- I think this is a semi-dangerous product. How it works is this- you apply a quick quote of regular mascara, then you apply the extending fibers, then you apply another layer of mascara to ‘lock’ the fibers in. It makes your lashes look a bit thicker and fuller, but not enough to make them worth my complaints in the slightest.

The main issue for me is that the fibers get everywhere when you are applying it- maybe I was applying them incorrectly. I read the instructions thoroughly and even read several reviews that mentioned this issue and how they thought you should correct it. I did one eye at a time and brushed the fibers along the top half of my lashes careful to not bring the brush to close to my eyes. Then I swiftly brushed over my lashes again with my mascara. Alas- the fibers still got everywhere… especially in my eyes.

The little fibers irritated my eyes pretty bad- my eyes watered horribly for the few minutes I kept the fibers on. I quickly removed my contacts and tried to remove the mascara as delicately as possible- but it seems that some damage was already done.

I seemed to have scratched the cornea on my right eye a little. The rest of the day on Saturday and Sunday my eye was bright red and uncomfortable. When I woke up today I finally felt some relief and noticed my eye is less red. I’m hoping it will be completely healed in a few more days, but for the time being I will be only wearing my glasses.

That being said I returned this product and told the woman in Ulta about my experience- she said several other girls have reported similar issues. Again- I’m afraid I can’t recommend this product. If you want to look into it though- I included the link below. I would be very careful if you decide to give this product a try.

*please note- I did not receive any compensation for the review of this product.*

Explored. Charlotte, North Carolina.


Last week I was in Charlotte, North Carolina with my hubby visiting the second location of his work. His family sells safety equipment and opened up a second location earlier this year in Charlotte. They celebrated the opening last Friday with a big open house inviting all of their locale clientele to come see their new showroom and warehouse. It was pretty fun.

Apart of the actually work that we did down there, my hubby and I had a great time just exploring the city. It is a really pretty area- really lush and green. I was a little uncomfortable with all the humidity and all the bugs (lol). Colorado has little to no humidity so it always an adjustment for me.

On our full day of nothing to do, we walked around downtown a little bit and checked it out. We stopped by the Epicentre to maybe get some lunch, but everything we saw there seemed like things we could get here in Denver. So we just meandered down to the The Square where they had a beautiful water fountain and some interesting scupltures.

We then decided to grab lunch in the artsy area of NoDa where they have a bunch of craft breweries (my hubby’s favorite thing- craft beer). We decided to eat at Jack Beagles (my husband had been there before and loved their mac and cheese so we had to go back). We then walked down to Heist Brewery for some craft beer.

We did a few other things as well- but I might save a few for later posts. Plus- I’m sure I’ll be visiting again with my hubby since he has work there. :)

noda1 downtown1 noda3 downtown2 noda2

Fear of Flying.


I’m not all that afraid of flying. I enjoy traveling and flying is a really really nice way to travel most of the time.

Turbulence freaks me out quite a bit I’ll admit though. My hubby teases me that he doesn’t understand why I love roller coasters so much when turbulence will make me cower in his neck. The teasing is all in good fun though- he’s ridiculously supportive while we are flying and usually stops whatever he is doing the moment we feel turbulence to grab my hand and give me a calm smile.

I’m coming to terms with aspects about myself and letting go of things that I would label as flaws to embrace as who I am- remember when I was talking about the whole recovering perfectionist thing. I use to work really hard to suck it up and pretend I was fine whenever we would hit turbulence- but my hubby would roll his eyes at me and grabs my hand anyway.

I’ve come to realize… there is nothing wrong with being afraid. Fear is a pretty natural (and can be very helpful) emotion. It prepares your body for any fight or flight situations. Fear makes you aware of where you are, what you are doing, and pushes you to narrow in on what causing your fear. Fear is merely your body registering that you are in fact… human. Flesh, blood, breath and sweat. You are a human with limitations and boundaries… lungs that need to take in air and a heart that needs to pump blood.


During our trip home from Charlotte yesterday- I was feeling less anxiety over the simple fact I get scared sometimes on planes. But I mean… have you ever landed in the Denver International Airport? Things can get so bumpy… and can stay bumpy the entire time you are making your descent into Denver. Something to do with the mountains and I air pressure maybe?

Anyway… as I was letting go of my anxiety of merely being afraid. I watched the older woman across the isle from me ask the young man she was sitting next to if she could hold his hand as she was feeling afraid. While I’m sure he felt a little uncomfortable about it… he gave an tiny smile and let her hold his hand during our decent into Denver. He began to calmly explain to her that this was normal for a landing in Denver and that she didn’t need to worry. She smiled and calmly informed him she was worried… she was just afraid and there wasn’t much she could do about it. She was sure everything would be okay.

I found her to be oddly brave and empowering… and the young man’s willingness to help her touching. Maybe if we all would just be okay with being afraid sometimes… and okay to admit it and ask for a little support sometimes- things wouldn’t seem so paralyzing and daunting.

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