Easy Halloween Superheros.

Halloween is coming friends- and it always sneaks up on me. I think I say this every year… but it does. I’ve gotten pretty good and throwing together costumes from my closet with minimal items that I can’t reuse.

Usually my costumes are generic… lumberjack, mime, bank robber… etc (you can check out my post from last year), but this year I wanted to bring out the hero. I kind of wanted my costume to be work appropriate though… which is hard to find at halloween stores (you know… slutty nurse, slutty bat girl, slutty pumpkin). Here’s how I’m making Superman and Batman comfortable and work appropriate.


S U P E R M A N  (a.k.a. Clark Kent)  //  Pull out your blue work slacks (or jeans even) and a white button down to start a Clark Kent turning to Superman costume. How about some thick frame glasses, a red tie, and a Daily Planet mug to really seal the deal? Just leave the tie loose around you neck and several buttons open to reveal the Superman symbol underneath.

SHOP  // 1. Button Down (affordable option)  /  2. Superman Tshirt  /  3. Red Tie  /  4. Blue Slacks  /  5. Fake Glasses  /  6. Daily Planet Mug



B A T M A N  //  So cape jackets seem to be a cute stylish option this year for winter which makes a nice little connection to Batman! I’m going to stay away from the black underwear on top of the pants thing and just stick with gray jeans and a gold belt and some awesome black leather boots. A simple mask with bat ears and the comfy gray batman shirt will pull everything together.

SHOP  // 1. Cape Jacket (affordable option)  /  2. Batman Tshirt  /  3. Bat Mask  /  4. Gray Jeans  /  5. Gold Belt  /  6. Black Boots (affordable option)

Weekend Mixtape. Heartbeats.


Other than the temperate temperatures (lol) it feels and look like fall here in beautiful Denver. I loooove it- the leaves are changing and mornings are crisp. Sigh. I love fall.

Explored. Sassafras American Eatery.

Sassafras American Eatery

My handsome hubby loooooooves breakfast foods and he loves finding new restaurants. I don’t completely understand his love for all things breakfast foods, but after being married for almost five years now I really really enjoy our Saturday morning breakfasts. I have also gotten pretty good at making pancakes and bacon and sausage and omelets. I’m also working really really hard to like eggs more- over the past like six months I’ve stopped gagging when I eat eggs (I’m not joking).

Anyway- this past Friday my husband decided he wanted to try a new breakfast place here in Denver called Sassafras American Eatery- which has a semi-unique southern comfort flair in their food that you don’t find a ton here in Denver. It was really really good.

Sassafras Decor

Waiting for a Table

There was a fairly long wait I must warn you- but it was totally worth it. Plus they had a really awesome outdoor sitting area along with complimentary coffee and flavored water while you waited. My hubby and I took a little walk around the neighbor and then waited inside to admire the salt shaker collection and the awesome wood textures.

Giraffe Salt Shakers


Now don’t laugh at me… but it was the first time I had ever had fried green tomatoes (I liked them… yum yum). I ordered the Chicken Fried Eggs & Smoked Buffalo Hash (picked directly below) as the waitress recommended. I have never had hash before… or chicken fried eggs but I was pleasantly surprised. The has was awesome and the egg added a nice smoothness to the hash. My favorite part was the Jalapeño Cornbread… could have eaten like a million pieces of those bad boys.

My hubby ordered the Breakfast Mac (pizza, mac & cheese, and breakfast food are his top favorite foods ever) with a side order of the Banana Custard Brioche French Toast. Looks pretty amazing doesn’t it? He like the french toast best of the two things he ordered… but he said that was a hard pick. I was too full with my own food to try much of his- but it sure did look good. :)




Love What You Have.


It was a little over a year ago that my hubby and I moved into our new place… and somehow in the year we accumulated a bunch more stuff. I guess that is always the case right? We just keep buying things. :P

My hubby was kind of awesome this past weekend and did a really intense clean of our kitchen. We now have a box full of stuff for goodwill and clean cupboards. And we’ve realized how much we have purchased that we don’t need and don’t use.

Why do I always listen to the idea that I just need one more thing and one more item. I need one more product to make myself feel beautiful. One more cute pacesetting to make my home look like the ones on Pinterest. Ugh. Then I look at the box of items that I don’t need and feel a little frustrated.

My hubby and I really want to simplify our lives more- focus on the simpler things of life and enjoy the benefit of not buying so much (you know… a little extra cash). We are going to try to clean the rest of our rooms to narrow down what we have to what we need. :)

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