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Benefits of Ginger.


I think I mentioned last week that I was recently sick. Sore throat, stuffy nose, hoarse/inexistent voice. Fun stuff.

My secret weapon was lemon ginger tea… lots and lots of ginger tea. It took the edge off and soothed my sore throat. I talked about my go to ginger tea recipe earlier this year- I really do swear by it for sore throats.

Ginger though has a couple of other really great benefits for other types of ailments- other than a sore throat.

1. nausea relief

I mainly use ginger for nausea relief. I use it a lot to relieve the light, uncomfortable nausea I struggle with from my birth control. I don’t usually make tea for when I need relief from that particular type of nausea- but I found that ginger candies (no joke) really hit the spot for me.

When I’m struggling with nausea from the flu- I’ll make a whole pot of a minty ginger tea (recipe below) or make a quick cup of tea with one of these packets. You can also full on chew on a chunk of ginger (with the skin pealed off) if you really want to jump in and embrace the full flavor of ginger- its not really my favorite thing, but it works in a pinch.

2. digestion aid

Kind of the same idea as with the nausea relief- although I find candies to be less effective here. I mean I tend to not think about ‘light nausea’ like I do ‘light indigestion’ as it usually doesn’t make it harder for me to fall asleep like nausea does (lol… tmi?).

This is definitely tea worthy… if the indigestion is bad enough for me to be really uncomfortable. Ugh. I feel embarrassed just typing this- but its true. The tea really helps when I’m uncomfortable like that. ;)

3. anti-inflammatory

Being an anti-inflammatory makes it great for pain relief for things like headaches and menstrual cramps. I use it for headaches quite often- usually by sipping my favorite lemon ginger tea. The relief from both cramps and headaches are slower than with an aspirin or ibuprofen- but if you prefer a drugless approach it is a great way to go.

I have also heard that a ginger tablet is also a great way to go for this type of thing- but I have honestly never tried it. So I can’t speak to it.

Whatcha think? Awesome stuff huh?

Zingy Minty Nausea Fighter

serves 2 | prep time 30 min


2 cups of water
2 teaspoons of dried peppermint (or 1 tablespoon fresh)
1 teaspoon grated fresh ginger
1 teaspoon of honey


1. In a saucepan, bring water to a boil.
2. Add peppermint and ginger.
3. Turn off the heat, cover, and steep for 15 minutes.
4. Strain out the herbs.
5. Stir in honey. Sip for a soothing experience.

*Mint is a general stomach settler- so when combined, ginger and tea are a nausea fighting super team.

Now- please be aware. I am NOT a doctor in any way shape or form. Please consult a doctor if you have any concerns or if you are really sick. If you are pregnant or nursing, please talk to your doctor first. Just saying.

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Can the World Be My Diamond?

Phew… My first completely and utterly original hand lettering (apart from the photo). I’ve been pretty nervous to put any of it out there fully… so I jump head first into last week when I posted my rough and untouched practice pieces which made this one easier to post since I’ve taken some time to clean it up and make it all pretty with photoshop.

When I say clean it up in photoshop- I’m talking about pulling it off the original background from the picture I took of it and evening out the overall tone. I don’t touch much more than that at all… keeping it real and raw right? When I say pretty it up- I just added the photo background and reversed out the lettering. :)


Now… here’s the deal. I love oysters. I love to eat them… but I would much prefer to look at and have a diamond. ;)

My hubby questioned why I changed the saying… pointing out that he thought it had to do with the fact that it takes a little effort to open an oyster and find the yummy oyster and the pearlized inner shell. I get that- I do. I still really like the original saying.

Here me out though- have you ever seen a raw diamond? You should look it up- they look so different and far from what we picture set in a little ring.

It is unique and rough looking… but kind of beautiful but sometimes a little but unimpressive. It has been through intense pressure just to be where it is at in that rough shape- but there is all this incredible potential still within it. It takes time and patience and effort to then transform this object that has already been through so much to then reach this beautiful and sparkling object. Those who know what they are looking at understand that potential.

Our Savior sees that potential… he sees us in our rough around the edges life and understands that we have already been through so much. He loves us right there and recognize that there is so much available to us and that we are capable of so much. He sees what our lives can become… fulfilling and inspiring. Transformed from a beautiful, raw gem to a breathtaking object that captures the light and shines.


I do have phone backgrounds available for you (Android and iPhone)- just keep on reading! :D Continue Reading

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Weekend Mixtape. Hold Back the River.



So the next couple weeks are completely full of graduations… we have several overlapping ones and everything (I have a lot of cousins…). I’ve bought six graduation cards so far in the past like two weeks. I feel exhausted thinking about it all… lol.

This mixtape has nothing to do with graduations though… sorry. It is just a bunch of songs I’ve recently discovered and am really loving. Hope you enjoy them too! Now I’m off to list to some Pomp and Circumstance.

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Learning Hand Lettering with Skillshare.

I’m going way outside my comfort zone and showing you something that I am in progress with… several of my practice pieces and mistakes. I’m still working on trying to break out of my perfectionist ways. So I’m showing you something far from perfect- some of my hand lettering practice sheets. You’re getting a little sneak peak into some new things coming to the blog. :)


I’ve always always loved the look of hand lettering… whether it was traditional calligraphy or just all out artistic, unique lettering. So a month or so ago I bought these awesome water color pens and this ink to jump into it. (which may I say…) I love these pens. You can fill them up with different colors using gauche or watercolor paints. Plus you control the consistency with how much or how little water to mix in the ink. Fantastic.

Then after some playing… I decided I wanted a little instruction. While I was having fun just playing around I felt like maybe I could use a little guidance on how to really get into it and do it well. After doing a little looking around I decided to try out Skillshare.

Skillshare is this great collection of creatives sharing their knowledge- painters, graphic designers, photographers, bloggers, knitters… etc. You can sign up for free to get access to a selection of their courses or pay about ten dollars a month for full access to their course as well as the ability to stream them on your mobile devices.

I love this statement I found on their website :

We believe that everyone is creative, and that giving people tools to harness their creative power has the potential to change lives for the better. Not creativity defined as an artist but creativity defined as a mindset, as a mental toolkit, as a set of building blocks, as a way of solving problems, and as a means to live a more interesting life.

That’s why our mission is to unlock the world’s creativity. Doing so helps people live adventurously and create really great things. We’re dismantling the traditional barriers to learning so that anyone, anywhere in the world, can learn whatever they set their minds to.


At this point- I have gone through one full hand lettering course and started another one. It has been great so far- I love the fact that they are lessons coming from professionals in the field AND that it is pretty low commitment. No grades or tight deadlines on assignments. It is just me working at my pace and my comfort level.

I highly recommend you try it out. What’s nice is that you can jump into the free version first with no commitment and see if you like it before you pay anything.

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