Contemporary Pacific Heights.


So I stumbled across this dwelling space in Pacific Heights on DesignMine the other day and just thought it was just so cool. Funky artwork, funky furniture pieces, funky rugs, ultra modern kitchen, a chalk board wall… oh and the super cool mural in the kitchen. All set against dark floors and white walls. I mean… cool right?

Ahem… I mean contemporary. I guess I’m not in high school anymore… can cool be part of my vocabulary when I’m not talking about the temperature?

designmine_pacificheights_0004_5 designmine_pacificheights_0000_13 designmine_pacificheights_0002_7 designmine_pacificheights_0001_12 designmine_pacificheights_0003_6 designmine_pacificheights_0008_1 designmine_pacificheights_0002_11 designmine_pacificheights_0007_2 designmine_pacificheights_0003_10 designmine_pacificheights_0006_3 designmine_pacificheights_0001_8 designmine_pacificheights_0000_9

via DesignMine | Nilus Designs

Found. Easter Egg DIYs.

Easter is my hubby’s all time favorite holiday and he loves to make a big deal about it (we are nicely balanced- I loooooove Christmas and he loooves Easter). :) We go to the Sunrise Service at Red Rocks Amphitheater and then we hit up our church’s Easter service. Then we will probably go to a nice restaurant. It is really fun to be apart of his excitement.

Easter eggs are not a big part of our day though- mainly because we don’t have children yet. B U T I love collecting and gathering up unique and cute ways of decorating easter eggs. People are so inspiringly creative on such a small little canvas. I love it.


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This and That. Sparkle.

Okay- things are starting to feel a little bit more in balance. Phew. It is not perfect mind you… but my mindset is back on track. :)

I am off to a wedding this afternoon (and my hubby is a groomsman). Like I mentioned yesterday- we’ve had really really nice weather the past couple days so I’m really excited for a fun spring, outdoor wedding (of course since this is Colorado- they are saying it is going to snow on Saturday night. so there’s that).

I hope all of you have an amazing Friday- and enjoy whatever event you are off too. :)


one  |  ’make your day’ bouquet diy  //  via paper & stitch

two  | handmade marbled notebooks  //  via selma lamai shop

three  |  pemberton blouse  //  via anthropologie

four  |  diy milk paint recipe  //  via martha stewart

five  |  may your friday sparkle  //  via pinterest

six  | beautiful paint textured desktop wallpapers  //  via design love fest | elise pescheret

Spring Pieces. Wish List.

It is starting to feel full on like spring here in colorful Colorado! I wore a dress without tights/leggings today! Bare legs friends- BARE legs. L O V E  it. So all this spring-y weather has been drooling over some springy pieces I would love to add to my wardrobe.

These are some of the pieces I’m craving- are you craving any pieces for spring?


1 |  Bright Blazer
I don’t know why… but I don’t have a bright blazer in my closet currently. The reason honestly is probably because I’ve been a wee bit resistant to all things business attire… I thought they were stuffy or something. My hubby bought me a super cute less business-y blazer for Christmas/Birthday/Anniversary- and I’m in love with it. I’ve started to pull out my blazers a lot more and it is making me crave a really untraditional, brightly colored blazer. Shop This Blazer

2 |  Flowly Tanks
All my tanks that I currently own a little close fitting- but (maybe its because I’m getting older) I’ve really started to get into the blousey look with a half tuck in the front to elongate my short legs. I’ve picked up really cute blousey shirts and patterned tanks, but I really want some super versatile loose tanks that I can wear under blazers and cute little jackets at work, but easily wear around casual-like at home. Shop This Tank

3 |  Floral Patterned Dress
I love love love this dress from GAP… (I particularly love that pattern which they also have in a skirt and a button down shirt btw). Whether it is this dress or not (this dress please!) I would love a bright spring dress with a cute floral pattern. Shop This Dress

4 |  Cotton Shorts
I don’t wear shorts much ever- I’m blessed with wide hips, a curvy butt, and thighs to match so I have to work really really hard to keep my thighs small. Blessed genes. That being said- I like cotton shorts- I just feel more comfortable with them. I have one pair that I wore to death last summer. I would love to grab some more cute ones- like these adorable ones with eyelet detailing all over! Shop These Shorts

5 |  Nude D’Orsay Flats
Confession… I already bought these adorable floral nude d’orsay flats. And I LOVE them. I’m going to have to show some pretty intense self restraint to keep myself from wearing them every single day. They’re incredibly comfortable. ANYWAY… Nude d’orsay flats are chic and look just a step more polished than ballet flats. Nude flats are essential… and these floral ones are just toooo cute. Shop These Flats

Focus and Balance.


I’m going to shock you all and say life has been soooooo busy. Yeah. I don’t know if you remember this post a couple months ago – but I noticed that cursed word busy is starting to creep into my life and my vocabulary again.

What with being sick and running around to multiple weddings (we are going to a wedding this Friday… and I was just at one March 29) and being one man down at work (my coworker had a baby! woo!) and being kind of sucked into Breaking Bad (boo Walter White… I just can’t cheer for him friends… he’s crazy) and… everything else (like oh… grocery shopping and doing laundry and exercising and sleeping).

My balance has been way way off.

I’m trying to take a couple deep breaths and focus. This seems to happen every once in a while… and its alright. I think it is a weird way of my body, mind, and soul kind of begging for a restart and a reevaluation.


Life is fluid. Sometimes it changes bit by small bit slowly… other times one tiny little moment changes everything… but life always changes. Ground breaking revelation? Nope. I have to remind myself of that all the time though when I start to notice the busy word creep into my life and everything feels out of balance and out of control.

Did I fail in my pursuit to live a balanced life? No… but life changed and the way I was balancing everything a few months ago doesn’t work quite right anymore.

This is a pretty normal thing (for just me?)- just like life is about balancing. Balancing is a verb and its active. It takes time and effort and practice and patience.  So all that being said- I hope you can bear with me as I balance and focus on what is important to me.

I’m feeling happy and excited about the future! I definitely am feeling invigorated and fresh… now I just need to get through this last darned season of Breaking Bad (which my husband is super hooked on) and get all my laundry folded so I have something to wear that’s not wrinkled to the rehearsal dinner tomorrow. ;)


Hello April. Freebie.


Hello April! April feels like full on spring more for me- I saw buds on the trees outside our condo yesterday and I haven’t needed my jacket as much these days for my lunch break. It smells and feels so good… it also has me drooling over patio furniture since we now have an awesome awesome view and and cute little balcony to hang out on. :)

I have free downloads for you per usual! Hope it adds a little spring to your life! :D


There are three wallpaper options to choose from. The standard calendar, straight pattern, and a quote option. Download just one or all three- all you have to do is hit one of the share options to get access. :)

Share to download your new wallpaper!

Inhale and Exhale.


I have been sick and a little stressed out this past week (that’s why I’ve been gone).

My husband was out of town last week which throws off my emotional stability to having my husband near. I don’t like a quiet, empty home. I don’t like cooking a meal for one. And I don’t sleep well when my hubby is gone. Nothing I can’t handle normally…

But then I got sick… and not just a little cold, but a I-knew-I-had-to-go-to-the-doctor-to-get-antibiotics sick. There is something about being sick and being alone in your house that just kind of makes everything super unpleasant… maybe that’s just me?

Anyway- last night my symptoms started to come back which threw me into spiraling mass of worry and anxiety. My husband finally hugged in me in bed and said, “Babe… remember to breathe… and to pray. You’re going to give yourself a panic attack.”

I am going to give myself a panic attack. That was a pretty poignant thing to realize- I was doing it to myself and I know what to do to escape it and calm myself. Mindful, deep-breathing has become my favorite calming tool- it has also been called mindful prayer. I repeat a short simple (calming) prayer as I inhale deeply and exhale out slowly.

It helps me to calm my mind and stop centering in on the worry and anxiety… I just need to inhale and exhale. Slowly, purposefully, and calmly inhale and exhale.


Bonus! Just like last time – you can download this as a iPhone or Android background. I’m carrying it around now as a reminder to myself… and maybe it can help you as well. It is free- no strings attached. :)

One Hundred Happy Days. Michigan.


It is kind of hard for me to imagine that last week at this time I was in Michigan. It was a really relaxing and low key vacation- my mom and I flew out together and stayed with my grandmother and aunt and uncle. We went consignment store shopping and played mario on the wii and looked at old photos and got snowed in. It was great.

Since I’m still working through my 100 happy days (read about it here) I have all these great pics from the trip that I’m not sure I would have taken had I not been working this challenge (by the way I hit 50 days yesterday- crazy crazy). Mind you… I haven’t been perfect at it (who is? I’m not), but I feel a lot more peaceful as a whole. There is something refreshing and relaxing about focusing and looking for happy moments.






If you want to see all my happy moments follow me on instagram- that’s where I committed to sharing all my happy moments.

Or join the challenge yourself! You pick the day you start… you’re not behind! :D

This and That. Inspired.

It has been a little crazy jumping back into the middle of a work week after my vacation… but the bright side of the crazy feel is that it becomes a very short work week (which is a nice little blessing after a vacation). So I’m loving that fact that it ‘already’ Friday! :D

Now that I’m kind of back in the swing of things… here is a nice standard post! I’m loving these finds from pinterest! :D


one  |  this beautiful foggy engagement shoot  //  via inspiredbythis | photos via carina skrobecki

two  | this eggless edible cookie dough. yum.  //  via kailley’s kitchen

three  |  this gorgeous kate spade necklace  //  via macys

four  |  this powerful word  //  via color me caitie

five  |  this peaceful mid-century bedroom  //  via west elm | photos via ryan bernal

six  | this article about the first kiss viral video  //  via verily magazine | video

Found. Spring DIYs.

It is the first day of spring and my first day back from Michigan! I’m back to work and missing my family back there- but I’m pretty happy to be back with my hubby. :)

I’ve gathered up some fun and springy diy projects to bring in the bright new season. Honestly- spring can be a little weird here in Colorado. We will get surprise snow storms followed by super warm days and high winds the entire time. Luckily any spring snow storms are melted away soon after they happen. They are strange all the same.

I’m ready for spring though! Let’s bring on the flowers and green!


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