Weekend Mixtape. Ends of the Earth.


I’m very ready this weekend! Our last wedding of the year is next weekend and my husband is the best man- so there are lots of things that are happening next weekend and I’m pretty excited to have a slow calm weekend. :)

Modern Cottage.


Oh my goodness- how gorgeous is this home?

I just want this home and all of it- I love the windows and view. I love everything from all the details in the kitchen. It makes me think of all of my favorite parts of living in the mountains away from the hustle of the city while at the same time feeling modern and chic.







Hudson Woods by Lang Architecture

Welcome Autumn!


It is officially autumn! I’m so excited! I love love love fall… it doesn’t seem to last long enough.

Sorry I have been so absent- work is just pretty busy and I’m taking a little bit of time just so I don’t go crazy with everything lol. :)

Coffee and Flowers.


I’m here! I’m here!

Just planning some stuff… working a lot and living off of coffee and flowers for the moment. :)

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