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Happy long weekend everyone!

My hubby and I have a wedding to go to on Sunday and a big big project we are embarking on (which I will tell you more about later- I’ll write a whole post on it and everything). I’m really excited about and really hopefully for a huge change.

Here is a really chill and awesome playlist for your long weekend I hope you enjoy!!

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Explored. Hometown Family Love.


A couple weekends ago my hubby and I packed up to head over and see my parents and younger siblings (it is a five hour drive from our place in Denver to the tiny little town where I grew up). It was my parent’s 30th anniversary! Big deal yeah?

We (me and my siblings) have been planning this big thing for them since their 29th anniversary. We worked really hard to get all five siblings in the same place for the occasion. We hadn’t been together all at once since the brother closest to me in age graduated from college which was…. two years ago? I think.

PLUS- by younger brother had just proposed to his girlfriend only a couple weeks before my parent’s anniversary. We kept their arrival at my parent’s place a surprise- which my mom was then giddy excited over their arrival and my dad was his super-pleased and content quiet self.

While we were there we drove up to one of our favorite family spots- Ouray, Colorado. It is a gorgeous little town (where all these pictures are from) that my parents visit for the fourth of July as a family tradition that us older children have missed out on for the past couple years.




My brother and his fianceé own a cute little photography studio- these are all picture by them. My brother is amazing at what he does and his cute gal is his super awesome sidekick for all the portraits and weddings the he books.

He’s a little hipster too- all about his leather camera sling, old school cameras, and speciality coffee. ;)



He always takes these great pics of my hubby and I when we get together. How cute are we? And how freaking killer is all this scenery?

Ouray was (or… still is) a mining town so when you wander around the trails and different four wheeling roads you run into old abandoned ghost towns and mines. Living in the city has made me appreciate how stunning all of this is.



My super awesome goof-ball of a brother- he’s the middle child of all of us. Still in college and super cool- love that kid. :)



This is my new (soon-to-be) sister-in-law. Love her to pieces and so thrilled (and relieved haha) that she said yes to my brother.



These two are my amazing parents- supportive and loving. Absolutely amazing examples of what a healthy marriage looks like- they have always been openly affectionate with each other and all of us.

For their anniversary- we (us siblings) saved up to get them a super awesome second honeymoon. Their original honeymoon was to King’s Island in Ohio (yes- they went to an amusement park for their honeymoon). They opted to not go back to King’s Island only because we offered to send them to Cedar Point with FastLane tickets (meaning super short lines for every coaster). We saved enough to be able to pay for their airfare, hotel, park food, and a fancy dinner out at a nice restaurant too. :D






My baby sister! She is getting so big! She’s fifteen years younger than me (and my full sibling… just in case you were wondering).

My youngest brother was sick the day we went up to Ouray. :( So he’s missing from almost all of these photos- luckily he was feeling better by the time we got back down to Delta where we were having our big celebration dinner with my parents and giving them their gift. :)



How awesome and hipster is his old camera and that leather camera sling? (I enjoy calling him a hipster a little too much maybe.)













After we were walked around Ouray we headed back to Delta- where we had reservations (a group of nine people always needs reservations). Where my hubby was an enthusiastic gentlemen and carried my purse for me. :)




Here we are! All seven (plus our partners making it NINE) of us! My awesome parents and my amazing siblings. We are a little bit crazy and silly and we love each other a bunch. :D

Oh and in case you notice- yes I am a natural blonde like the rest of my family- I dye it really dark. I’m not adopted (people have asked that). And- yes my hubby and my middle brother are wearing the the same shirt.


photography by Mr. Switch Photography

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Freebie. Hello September!

september calendar cover

Oooooh… I love September. I didn’t always love September- it wasn’t until I was done with school did I realize how much I like everything about it. First day of autumn usually (almost always right?) falls in September, the little tiny downtown area of my neighborhood hosts a big Italian Festival, and I can usually start breaking out my warmer clothes and jackets a little bit.

I’m a little bit over summer right now and all the shops keep teasing me by bringing out their warmer clothes… sigh. The first day of autumn is September 23- btw! :D

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There are the standard wallpaper options to choose from this month. :)

September Calendar Wallpaper

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This and That. Let’s Do This.

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! I’m finally getting back into the swing of things here. Sorry I was gone for so long- working during the day at my awesome job plus setting up my fun little etsy shop at night has just been madness. I’m crazy excited about selling my cards (check them out! 20% off for the first couple weeks)- but I’m also super nervous. This is a super vulnerable act for me- and it is thrilling and super scary.

I hope everyone has an awesome awesome Friday and a great weekend!


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two  |  lovely and intricate design – finley & alice  //  via keith davis young

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