Styled. Traveling Home for the Holidays.

Yesterday my hubby and I made the five hour trek back to my parents house near Grand Junction for the holiday weekend. We left right after work- so it was a late night and the passes between Denver and Grand Junction can be a bit intense in the winter months. We were just fine though- my hubby is a great driver.

When I’m traveling I’m not a sweats kind of girl… generally speaking I reserve sweats only for inside the house for right before bed, right when I wake up, and sick days. I don’t go out of the house in my sweats ever. Plus- I had to work before we left. That being said though- my road-trip traveling attire changes quite a bit in the winter months because it is usually very very snowy and cold outside of the car. Since we travel with our puppy we have to get out with him for potty breaks. Plus… merely getting gas and running to the restroom is a frigid experience.

So shoes and socks that can handle the cold plus thick, blanket like cardigans are my best friends…


1 |  cute tshirt
It can get toasty in the car if we aren’t keeping an eye on the heater- so its nice to be able to strip down to a comfortable layer. I love love love my J. Crew shirts- they’re soft and comfy for car trips. Shop This Top

2 | Thick Knit Waterfall cardigan
Waterfall cardigans are my favorite for winter travel- they are cute and comfy and can act like a blanket with arms.  Shop This Cardigan or This Cardigan

3 |  skinny jeans
Not as form fitting at American Eagles jeggings so a little more travel capable- but still cute and work well with boots.  Shop These Jeans

4 | Knee high wool socks
So my feet get cold on the trek back home… and these socks are my favorite with my tall boots. Shop These Socks

5 |  combat wedge bootie
I love these boots- they are ridiculously comfortable. Easy to put on for being boots and when paired with wool socks keep my feet dry and warm.  Shop These Shoes


Bring Back Dignity. Dressember 2014.


I don’t wear dresses very often- I prefer my skinny jeans to almost any other article of clothing in my closet. Last year though – I stumbled across the Dressember movement and subsequently wore only dresses for the entire month of December.

What began in 2009 as a quirky style challenge with a clever name spread like wildfire. Dressember is a month of wearing dresses, but it is so much more. At its core, Dressember is an embracing of the inherent freedom and feminity of all women. ~About Dressember

There are some pretty horrific things that happen to women all over the world… sex trafficking and sexual violence and slavery. Most of those women don’t have any hope for justice or even escape from their oppressors. Then there is IJM and Dressember- they partnered last year to speak up for the rights of women all over the world.

IJM is the International Justice Mission- they seek justice for the millions of people across the world who live in oppression without a voice and without hope. They are directly responsible for more than 18,000 people being rescued from oppression, over 770 convictions of the oppressors, and have trained over 13,000 officials and officers to fight for justice.

In 2013, Dressember took on new meaning: opposing the worldwide trafficking and exploitation of women. In its first year as a fundraising campaign, Dressember aligned with International Justice Missiona human rights organization that works to rescue victims of slavery, sexual exploitation, and other forms of violent oppression. Those who participate in Dressember are supporting the abolition of modern day slavery. In its first year of fundraising, Dressember had 1,233 registered participants in 32 countries across 6 continents who collectively raised over $165,000. 100% of the funds raised in 2013 went directly to International Justice Mission. ~About Dressember

There are a couple ways that you can participate and make a stand for women’s right all over the world. You yourself can wear a dress every day in December and tell everyone why and what they can do to support women’s right and your campaign (continue after the jump for the ‘rules’). You can sponsor my dressember campaign. Or you can share my post. You can even do all three! Super easy. :)

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This and That. She Laughs.

Happy Friday! I had a pretty great week this week… the whole gratitude focus has been really awesome for me. At the church service we went to on Sunday it was a really wonderful sermon that featured the verse Proverbs 31- so I was pretty surprised to find it this week on Pinterest.

Plus- next week is Thanksgiving and I get to see my parents and younger siblings. I really can’t wait. :)


one  |  geode shimmer ring  //  via anthropologie

two  |  fall trends outfit  //  via because shanna said so

three  |  dusty rose color palette  //  via handcrafted in virginia

four  |  she laughs : proverbs 31.25  //  via moritz fine designs

five  |  life under linen and cotton  //  via wit&delight

six  |  handpainted wanderlust globe  //  via anthropologie

Gratitude Changes Everything.


Can you believe that Thanksgiving is a week away? My Thanksgiving holiday begins a week from today and I will be back in my home town with my parents. :)

The whole idea of thanksgiving and gratitude has really gripped me recently. I talked about some ways to cultivate a grateful heart last week and I truly believe that it changes everything. Actively practicing gratitude has been a pretty life altering shift for me… in a surprisingly small way.

I look around me and I don’t feel really all that different and it is not something that I notice everyday… but the small things are starting to add up. I thought I would share with you my list of gratitude. I’m just going to skip the ‘big ones’ (you know like family and friends) and focus the little things… which I think are the more powerful things to consistently list off because it is hard to just ‘stay grateful’ for the big things. It is easier to focus on a little sliver of something amazing in your life.

Right at this very moment I am grateful for. . .

my husband putting away dishes right now as I type… and I didn’t even ask him too

the long phone call I had with my mom … I’m so happy we can talk for hours

the view from my living room windows

the crisp (but not freezing) temperatures right now

the way my puppy sleeps on my feet when I’m at my table

the pumpkin pecan candle I have burning that smells like full on Christmas to me

You know… the little cheesy things that people tell you to do…. but that you don’t cause they’re cheesy. Here is the thing. You should just do it. I challenge you to focus on being grateful for one week…. focus on your blessings and push away thoughts of self pity.

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