This and That. Live Out of Intent.

Happy Friday! Today is my creative exploration day at work- I’m not suppose to go into the office or work on a project that is in my queue but I am suppose to work on something for work. I can work on anything at all- redesign something already built or create something new entirely. There are no restrictions on what we do and how we approach whatever we are working on- I am just suppose to flex my creative muscles and make something beautiful.

I’ve mentioned that I work for a big dotcom company right? I’m a Senior Graphic Designer for HomeAdvisor (which is a pretty awesome resource if you own your own house/condo… whatever). I’ve been working there for almost three years now. It is a really great work environment (obviously…. as I sit here at Tattered Cover during work hours on my creative exploration day).

Anyway!!! This is my personal blog so I don’t like to focus on work to much. I have some Pinterest finds for you today that I’m loving.


one  |  homemade lip scrub with cinnamon  //  via hello natural

two  |  diy crocheted cushions  //  via joann fabrics

three  |  live less out of habit  //  via society6 | jenna kutcher

four  |  cinna-swirl sticky bun cupcakes  //  via three boys unprocessed

five  |  rifle kid’s classic | a little princess  //  via anthropologie

six  |  mara kerr’s makeup & updo  //  via chris lambeth

It Will Not Be Easy.


This is the motto of my adult life. In high school school – work and grades came easy to me and rarely needed to study for anything. Other things were not so easy and I avoided them religiously- social events and interacting with people outside of my circle for example. The whole perfectionism trap- if I didn’t think I could do it perfectly I just wouldn’t even attempt it.

I talked about this a while ago (being a recovering perfectionist), but I’m starting to see a future before me that I really want to pursue. I’m excited about work and what I can become… but I can feel my fears of failing and lack of perfection creeping into my thoughts. I feel excited in a moment and then… doubt myself and everything I can be. I feel really corny writing all of this down- but maybe if I feel stronger when I admit it.

Anything that is awesome and exciting and better will not be easy to achieve- its like exercising. Health and strength are hard earned and fought for and will not come in a single day (or diet pill)- no matter what any infomercial or magazine ad says. About two months ago- I committed to doing the Insanity program. I have only missed two days from the program since I started… which means I’m pretty much torturing myself with these workouts for six days a week. When I’m in the middle of a workout I kind of just want to curl up in a ball and die… Just starting the workout… putting on my workout clothes and putting the dvd in the tv can be really difficult. I feel kind of awesome though having committed and actually followed through- I am definitely stronger and healthier than I was before (I can skip the elevator at my condo and not feel like my lungs are going to explode anymore).

Those horribly difficult, bad-word-inducing workouts have been so worth it.

I have a strong feeling that life is going to be like that- the milestones and achievements that I fight for will be worth it. Fear of failing is going to be part of the deal… wanting to give up at some point along the way seems like a guarantee… but it will be worth it all.

I T   W I L L   B E   W O R T H   I T   A L L

Easy Halloween Superheros.

Halloween is coming friends- and it always sneaks up on me. I think I say this every year… but it does. I’ve gotten pretty good and throwing together costumes from my closet with minimal items that I can’t reuse.

Usually my costumes are generic… lumberjack, mime, bank robber… etc (you can check out my post from last year), but this year I wanted to bring out the hero. I kind of wanted my costume to be work appropriate though… which is hard to find at halloween stores (you know… slutty nurse, slutty bat girl, slutty pumpkin). Here’s how I’m making Superman and Batman comfortable and work appropriate.


S U P E R M A N  (a.k.a. Clark Kent)  //  Pull out your blue work slacks (or jeans even) and a white button down to start a Clark Kent turning to Superman costume. How about some thick frame glasses, a red tie, and a Daily Planet mug to really seal the deal? Just leave the tie loose around you neck and several buttons open to reveal the Superman symbol underneath.

SHOP  // 1. Button Down (affordable option)  /  2. Superman Tshirt  /  3. Red Tie  /  4. Blue Slacks  /  5. Fake Glasses  /  6. Daily Planet Mug



B A T M A N  //  So cape jackets seem to be a cute stylish option this year for winter which makes a nice little connection to Batman! I’m going to stay away from the black underwear on top of the pants thing and just stick with gray jeans and a gold belt and some awesome black leather boots. A simple mask with bat ears and the comfy gray batman shirt will pull everything together.

SHOP  // 1. Cape Jacket (affordable option)  /  2. Batman Tshirt  /  3. Bat Mask  /  4. Gray Jeans  /  5. Gold Belt  /  6. Black Boots (affordable option)

Weekend Mixtape. Heartbeats.


Other than the temperate temperatures (lol) it feels and look like fall here in beautiful Denver. I loooove it- the leaves are changing and mornings are crisp. Sigh. I love fall.

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