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Five Ways to Have A Truly Joyful Christmas.


I love Christmas (have I mentioned that before… yeah… thought so). I love Christmas tree and the lights and the music. I love the baking and eating and parties. I love giving gifts and the anticipation of giving those gifts. I love receiving gifts too (obviously). I love the spirit behind it… peace, goodwill, and joy.

Christmas can get overwhelming and heavy though… heavy with the tradition of it all. The decorating and the shopping and the wrapping and the baking and the cooking and the feasting and the partying… and just that need to be jovial. The pressure of creating that joy of the season can be to much to bear. Now- I love all of that. I really do- and I’m not saying those things are ruining Christmas. All of those things can be really distracting though and too much focus of that stuff just brings stress and not joy.

Christmas is this awe-inspiring yet simple reminder of hope. Hope in its purest and truest form- waiting for the fulfillment of God’s promises to the Jews (and ultimately to all mankind). Christmas is the celebration of a hope fulfilled- and that brings true joy.

Of course… what does that mean? How do you focus on purposely focus Christ? How do you actively foster hope and joy… but also enjoy the traditions that we all love? Continue Reading

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One Dress, Two Ways. Dressember 2014.


We are pretty much half way through Dressember (I talked all about it here). I’m really starting to miss my jeans… and pockets particularly. I keep misplacing my phone because I can’t put it in it’s usual spot in my back pocket anymore. It is bigger than that though… my slight discomfort is nothing and the community surrounding this movement is truly inspiring.

Right after the first of the month, I was contacted by Christine (from Beyoutiful Hope and the Bloggers Against Social Injustice) asking if I was interesting in collaborating with her and a couple other bloggers to talk about Dressember together…. to which I said “Of course, I would love to!” Obviously. This is what Dressember is about building an aware and active community that talks about the issues we are facing and creatively takes a stand.

Personally- so far my experience with Dressember is everyone always asking me the same question. “You have thirty some dresses? How do you do that?”

It is so much simpler than that though. Dressember’s founder and president, Blythe Hill, wears the same dress everyday and styles is differently everyday (it is super inspiring and awesome). I don’t do it to quite that level- but I have about five dresses roughly that I rotate through and style differently.

So I thought I would show you how I wear one dress in two different ways (wait… pictures actually of me? yeah… I’m going all outside my comfort zone and time schedule to bring you this post- taking pictures of myself in my outfits is a time consuming task for this full time girl). ;)






Since I live in beautiful, colorful Colorado – Dressember can get a little tricky. Leggings, tights, stockings… they are my best friends in the whole wide world during Dressember. Especially fleece lined leggings when it starts to like blizzard and like. Luckily, I had some really nice days for my “photo shoots” so I was only shivering a little bit while snapping the photos with my coat.

I don’t like the word “thrifty” when I try to describe my wardrobe… but technically it is the case. I prefer words more like super smart, ecofriendly, wise shopping, or economically. About 75% of my entire wardrobe are awesome finds. Consignment stores are my best friend and I don’t mind digging through thrift stores to find gems. I’m rather particular about what I take home- no stains or tears or issues that I can’t quickly mend myself leave the stores with me.

Everything in these two outfits except my shoes, leggings and undergarments came from a consignment or thrift store- but I’ll link to similar items for you if you are interested.







It is incredibly easy to mix an match one dress with multiple cardigans, jackets, scarves, shoes, etc to create different looks that I am comfortable wearing day to day (or as comfortable as I can be without jeans). All you need is a little flexibility and inspiration. Click through for my outfit details and the other incredible women that I am collaborating with this Dressember. :) Continue Reading

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This and That. Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

Happy Friday! I have some beautiful Christmas finds for you.

Next week will be my last full posts of the year- then I will be on vacation. :) Next week is also my birthday- I’m taking that day off from work too and my hubby has said he has a lot planned for me (he is so stinking sweet). :D


one  |  christmas wrapping  //  via emma dime

two  |  thermos centerpiece  //  via the perfect palette

three  |  gold dipped ornaments  //  via suburble

four  | most wonderful time of the year  //  via minted

five  |  stripes and plaid  //  via crystalin marie

six  |  easy christmas wreaths  //  via martha stewart

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Happy Anniversary to My Love.


Today is our fifth wedding anniversary. I kind of can’t believe it! Five years.

This time five years ago I was getting my hair done and listening to everyone around me ask if I was nervous. And I honestly never was nervous. There was not one moment that I second guessed marrying my husband… and there hasn’t been a moment since that I have second guessed or regretted marrying him.



My hubby is my rock. He has been my faithful and relentless support system since we met. He was there for me through my graduation and job hunting and my therapy and my plethora of quirks.

I love you baby. You are my best friend and my heart. I thank God for you every day. Here is to another five years and many many more.

cover photo credit Roe Photography  |  from one of the many weddings we attended this year :)