chop. mince. dice.

In the pursuit of cooking at home more, I have discovered different terms used in recipes for the different ways you can… cut things up. So I thought I would do a little homework and let you know what I discovered because honestly I didn’t know the difference between mincing, dicing, and chopping. I have an example here too of the different types of “cuts” cause I’m a pretty visual person. :)

1. Sliced Cucumber

Slice – Smooth cuts of regular shape and size.

2. Julienned Carrots

Julienne - Thin strips about the length and width of matchsticks.

3. Diced Onions

Dice - Cut into small cube-shaped pieces.

4. French Fry Cut Potatoes

French Fry - Trim into strips that roughly approximate French fries. (I know… kind of no brainer… but just in case)

5. Chopped Tomatoes

Chop - Coarsely cut into irregularly sized pieces.

6. Waffled Sweet Potatoes

Waffled - A wafer-thin fancy cut. (You need a special machine/tool to do this)

7. Minced Garlic

Mince - Chop or dice into very small irregularly shaped pieces.

I learned this knowledge from – love this magazine and site. You should check them out.

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