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favorite lotion. ever.

I live in a pretty dry environment- I mean people start to freak out a little when our humidity level gets above like 15 percent. As a result, I have tried a lot of different lotions to ward off scaly elbows, knees, feet… well honestly my whole legs and arms. In fact, I used to be almost a little embarrassed to wear short sleeves and shorts because my elbows and legs looked so scaly and dry.

My absolute favorite lotion so far – hands down – is Yes To Carrots Super Rich Body Butter. I stumbled across it in Target when I was shopping for a trip. They have a trial size of it at Target which I grabbed on a whim when I was in a hurry… and it was the best thing ever. I was so excited about my find that I didn’t mind spending $12.99 for the 8.45oz bottle (that is probably the biggest draw back).

My favorite part is that it lasts most of the day- I put it on in the morning after my shower and right before I go to bed (so about twelve hours or so). Plus, it smells wonderful (light and fresh), but that fades away so it doesn’t mess with your perfume (or body spray, etc.). I’ve really seen the best results on my elbows which used to be so dry they peeled constantly (it was kind of painful) which are now perfectly smooth. :D

Plus, Yes To Carrots is an amazing brand. All of their products are paraben free (parabens are believed to be carcinogens), almost completely made of natural products (97 percent for this one), and not tested on animals. :) I use a lot of their products – they have a huge line of amazing products.

**Please note that I did not receive any reimbursement or product for this feature- I will always disclose if and when I do.**

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