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pinterest finds friday. bright, light, and inspiring.

Happy Friday! I do love Fridays. :) I really like an excuse to dig through pinterest and find my favorite pins from the week- but I’ll dig through pinterest for no reason at all. I pulled up a variety of different things I found throughout the week that I either can’t wait to try them (like the food or the exercises), or I just like looking at them. :D

1. this looks delicious! asian crab cakes with avocado-wasabi sauce. found here
2. my hubby would look sooo amazing in this. :) found here
3. i’m going to do this in our bedroom above our nightstands. found here
4. terrarium postcard set – pretty pretty pretty. i want to frame these. found here
5. thigh ‘blasters’ as they were called… i would definitely love to thin my thighs. lol. found here
– today I am thankful –

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