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Happy Friday! I’ve had a bit of an interesting week- I had blood drawn today for some blood work. We’ll see what happens- I’m trying not to think about what they are testing for and focusing more on the fact that they are going to use most of my blood work tests for a regular ole physical. Now we just wait two weeks- no biggie.

I stumbled across this site two weeks ago- when I discovered that amazing home in São Paulo that I shared with you two weeks ago. :) These images are from the Thisispaper Shop– where everything is a little hipstery again. Its all pretty cool though. :)


After months spent designing, searching for fabrics, sewing and unpicking the stiches, we came up with a line of bags and rucksacks. When they were finished, we just couldn’t stop. We designed a few items for the kitchen and started to look for manufacturers of things we couldn’t make ourselves – jars, mugs, manual juice squeezers and many more. The collection grew and Thisispaper Shop was born.

We launched Thisispaper Shop to make a statement. We disagree with mass production and consumptionism, with the relentless quest for new products that satisfy artificially created needs.

We’d much rather go back to basics, own just a few items, made and handled with care. No everyday item is too dull or too unglamorous to be carefully designed, handcrafted and loved. Beauty, we believe, lies in the simple objects we use everyday, without even acknowledging it. We pay attention to these little things and to how they’re made. All products we sell in our shop are hand- made by us in the studio or sourced from environment-savvy suppliers. The Earth suffers no harm.

Simplicity is king in everything we do. Fashion isn’t. About Page

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