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Delirium. RUFFIAN Nail Lacquer.


I love nail polish. Honestly though I’m not great at painting my finger nails. I’m a perfectionist so I can handle – I have someone paint my nails for me (its my splurge… lol). BUT I’m painting my toenails at least once a week- honestly I haven’t seen my toenails without polish since I was in high school. I kept painting my toenails even when I had surgery last year after having that shard of glass in my toe for months.

I received RUFFIAN Nail Lacquer in my Birchbox last month… and truthfully when I first saw it I was a little skeptical just with the unusual shape of the bottle. I was pleasantly surprised though when I tried it- it went on smoothly and I only needed one coat (not counting the base coat or top coat). Plus I love the purple color.

This glossy high-end nail polish is formulated to hold up for days without chipping (not that we would expect anything less from this top-of-the-line fashion label). We dig the geometric deco-inspired bottle, but we especially love how easy it is to get a good grip on the cap so we can polish our nails with confidence and control. birchbox.com // RUFFIAN Nail Lacquer

The only issue truly I have is that there are only six colors currently- Ciré Noir (black), Red, Naked, Fox Hunt (orange-red), Hedge Fund (sage green), and Delirium (purple). Also, this nail polish is exclusive to Birchbox- which can be a little frustrating… I dropped and completely shattered my bottle of ‘Delirium’ and couldn’t just run out to get another bottle, but those are pretty small complaints.

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S H O P  |  Delirium RUFFIAN Nail Lacquer : $10

*please note- I did not receive any compensation for the review of this product.*

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