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Happy Friday! Another Instagram roundup with links to love (down below). We are wrapping up a crazy weather week here in beautiful, weird Colorado. The week started with lime-sized hail destroying a lot of the cars and homes around my office on Monday. Then on to a long week of overcast skies. Sun peaked through the clouds and now we are on to eighty degree days! lol. Oh Colorado- you’re silly.

I was reminded of a great many things the past two weeks. The main two being that I am enough just as I am… and I am not alone with my feelings of inadequacy and shame. Working together- the burden becomes lighter and the resounding sound of “me too” is powerful and encouraging and completely relieving.

We are enough just as we are- and when we hear others echo our fears and joys that truth becomes all the more powerful.

you are enough. stop the comparing. stop the belittling. stop the shaming. #youareenough #enoughsaid

there are those days that don’t feel right- I feel particularly clumsy or slow or tired or agitated or whatever. those are the days for grace… and lotsa coffee. #ineedallthecoffee #whoswithme

yum!!!! garden quesadillas! 👌 okay @hellofresh you have a new fan #learningtocook #adultingishard #vegetarian

I’ve recently been reminded of this- you shouldn’t do life alone. When the moments of struggle become overwhelming or too heavy to carry… and you feel so sure you are alone in your pain- I can promise you someone else can make the burden lighter and say ‘me too’ #youarenotalone #strongertogether

Links to Love

ONE  |  Curious about the Topshop Clear PantsSafiya Nygaard wore them so you don’t have too. watch it

Two  |  Haven’t heard the fuss over these pants? read this

THREE  |  The push back to the announcement of 13 Reasons – Season 2 from Verily Mag. read it

FOUR  |  Yesterday was National Eat What You Want Day- and it’s all a twitter. browse the memes

Five  |  “Smiling doesn’t win your gold medals.” read this

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