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Hello September! Downloadable Calendar Freebie.

free September 2017 Calendar - Desktop Cover

Hellooo September! Hello to the usual freebies- a free September 2017 calendar of course. It’s available for you to download today. As promised- I will always try to have a calendar freebie for all of you even as the rest of my life is über busy.

Nothing particularly new- work is moving along at its super sonic speed/busyness. We just finished up a big family wedding last weekend that was amazing- I did all the hand lettering for the signage, worked on the centerpieces and decoration for the reception, and did the bride’s makeup. It was a big big big family event- everyone pitching in.

With the wedding all wrapped up and a light at the end of the tunnel for our crazy pace at work- I’m all about the deep breath of relaxing fall air. I do know that the leaves don’t really start to change completely until October (at least they don’t here in Colorado)- but October gets Halloween. So September is getting all my favorite beginning-of-autumn feels. :)

free September 2017 Calendar - iPad and iPhone

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Hello August! Downloadable Calendar Freebie.

free August 2017 calendar

Hellooo August! Hello to my usual freebies- a free August 2017 calendar specifically. It’s available for you to download today. I may be swamped and not posting as often- but I will always try to have a calendar freebie for all of you. :D

So work is still busy busy- as is my general personal life. Baby showers, bridal showers, weddings, family in town- etcetera etcetera. Things are great though! Our backyard is done and beautiful- a clean, grassy, clean slate (next year we’ll plant some more greenery and trees).

Anyone else have the feeling like August is like the Sunday of summer? Poor August- school starting and all those summer-is-almost-over vibes. While I’m personally rather excited for fall- I understand the summer is sad to see go for many (but I’ve gone on about that a lot – lol).

free August 2017 device wallpaper

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Hello July! Downloadable Calendar Freebie.

How in the world is it July already? Sorry, this didn’t go Friday- technical difficulties abound I guess. Anyway- hellooo July! Hello freebies- a free June 2017 calendar specifically. It’s available for you to download today.

During the month of June- work got a little bit crazy. I love my job. It’s best when it’s busy and the work fills all the hours in my day and the work day goes by quickly- but I’m having to go to a lot more meetings currently which is a weird adjustment. Headphones in while a creating something cool in Photoshop is my happy place- and meetings obviously don’t allow for that. I pretty sure I’ll adjust- but it is an adjustment.

On the personal front- our back yard is now under construction! Woohoo! Our rotted-out deck is gone and is all the overgrown weeds and such! I’m so excited. They have the form for the patio built- the concrete will be poured Monday. Then we’ll get the new sprinkler system and all new sod laid. *blissful sigh* So so so excited.

Fourth of July is just around the corner as is my hubby’s birthday (July 3rd). We are heading into our nice long weekend! Now I’m not a water person. I’m a horrible swimmer- but if you give me a pool float, a cocktail, and promise not to splash me I’m all about the pool. Sunnies, sunscreen, and some out speakers- perfect summer day.

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Downloadable Father’s Day Card + Special Offer!

Everyone- Father’s Day is just around the corner. It is less than a week away. I have new cards just for the occasion… and I’m a wee bit excited about them. I had a little too much fun with some of them.

With it being just around the corner- I have them in digital format for the purchasing (and a special little surprise after the jump)!

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Hello June! Downloadable Calendar Freebie.

Helloooooo June (seriously June?)! Hello freebies- a free June 2017 calendar specifically. It’s available for you to download today.

So during the month of May- my car was totaled by a crazy hail storm, my cousin tied the knot, our friends had their baby (awwwww), and my hubby and I kicked some yard work butt in our front yard. Our backyard is still a disaster and we’re waiting for that project to get going. We did finalize the budget- so we are getting closer. Woot woot!

I switched from florals to bright skies for the background this month- June usually chases away all signs of cold weather in Colorado and brings that sunniness that Colorado is known for in the summer.

Summer is not my season- I understand what’s nice about it. You don’t need a coat- the nights are longer and being outside in the evenings is blissful. The heat though… not my favorite. I grew up escaping the heat in the summer by living it up in the mountains in a cabin- sigh. Those were the days- summer vacay!

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Retrain the Mind. Refresh the Soul.

This girl suffers from anxiety- officially diagnosed and everything. Does it sound like I’m bragging? Cause I am not. At all. It is nothing but a hurdle in my life that I would wish on no one. That being said- it is not unsurmountable. All it takes is a little determination, commitment, and dedication to conquer anxiety.

retrain the mind with a brain detox

I’ve recently discovered one of the most beneficial tools for me just over two months ago. This tool targets the toxic thoughts that can replay over and over in my mind which creates and aggravates my anxiety. My toxic thoughts usually center around unworthiness and failure.

Okay, so this tool is the 21 Day Brain Detox developed by cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Caroline Leaf who specializes in metacognitive and cognitive neuropsychology (and please don’t ask me what all that means beyond it’s about the way the brain works).

Detox programs appear to be all the rage right now- but these programs primarily deal with the physical body and what foods you feed it. You painstakingly track and stay aware of everything you put into your body to achieve all sorts of different outcomes.

This detox program is very similar. With a biblical perspective as the foundation, Dr. Leaf walks you through how to transform the way you think and respond to those thoughts. You pick one major toxic thought you struggle with to work through in your 21 days. You carefully go through a ten-minute routine each day (which I did in the car every morning right before work). Then you work to be aware of every time that toxic thought comes up throughout the day. Continue Reading →