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In wisdom & happiness

Fighting Negative Self-Talk & Knowing Your Worth

During my morning routine this morning I listened to a podcast that talked about self-talk. In the podcast, the speaker talked about how negative self-talk damages who we are and how we approach the world- while positive, loving self-talk does quite the opposite.

We are creatures of beautiful design- carefully and wonderfully made. We are worthy, and we are more than enough. We are human, and we are subject to mistakes- but we are capable of redemption, mercy, grace, love, and strength. We are loved, and we are fought for, and we have been declared worthy. There is glory in our midst.

I am a culprit of negative self-talk. I say horrible things to myself- sometimes those thoughts are just in my head, and sometimes I utter them aloud. No matter how I talk to myself… the damage is done.

I have been working at fighting negative self-talk this year. Instead of a weight goal or something similar for a resolution- I decided to resolve to not talk down to myself. Why am I bringing up my new year’s resolution now in March? Because I think new year’s resolutions are overrated… and bring to much pressure that first month of the year.

Resolving to be better and do better in March, though, feels like so much less pressure to me. It’s not about the year marked on your calendar- it’s about you and your happiness.

The benefits I have reaped from focusing on positive and compassionate self-talk have been profound- even in the short amount of time of only a few months. I can feel the effects instantly when I let myself slip back into those negative thoughts. It takes an effort to start undoing habits of negative self-talk- but here is what I have found helpful. Continue Reading →

In personal & quick/ wisdom & happiness

Nevertheless, She Persisted

Today is International Women’s Day. Today -even amidst the weirdness of the political situation here in the United States- is Women’s Appreciation Day around the world.

Some women are protesting. Some women are celebrating. Some women aren’t doing anything. I hope though that no matter your political standing that you take a moment to recognize the women in your life- including yourself (if you are a woman of course- lol).

Women fought for the rights that we have today and today is a day to be so very grateful for their sacrifice, their strength, their perseverance, and their persistence. We have come so far, and that is incredible. That is something worth celebrating.

We still have work to do, and saying that we still have work to do does not negate that we have come a long way. Saying that women still face struggles doesn’t discredit the ground that we have already covered. I would insist that ignoring the issues we still face as women is an insult to fight that came before us.

There is still a wage gap. Women earn 78 cents for every dollar a man makes.

There is still an issue with the sexualization and objectification of women. One out of every four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime. One out of every six women will be sexually assaulted and/or raped in her lifetime.

Women are capable and strong and persistent. All we seek is to be considered fully human and fully capable.

In analog v digital/ fashion & clothing

Analog v Digital. My Digital Closet.

I’ve been using this excellent app called Stylebook for the past couple of months… (wait… well since mid-January… so a month and a half roughly). StyleBook helps you digitally organize and manage your closet, as well as let you plan out outfits (or looks as the app describes them) and schedule them in your calendar. Complete time saver.

I purchased this app a while ago (it is like $4 I think). I can’t even remember when honestly- it is possible it was several years ago. I didn’t quite grasp the usefulness of it at that point- so I stopped using it and forgot about it. It was frustrating- I had purchased it in pursuit of a capsule wardrobe.

stylebook app review - outfit view

I’ve been super interested in the idea of a capsule wardrobe for quite a while now… but have had a hard time getting into it. I like clothes. I like shoes. I like shopping…. and it always felt so overwhelming to picture my wardrobe being smaller and still fulfilling all of my needs. You know what I mean?

Most of the time when I would see examples of a capsule wardrobe- the outfits leaned more minimal then my tastes go (no matter how much I want to be a uber minimal dresser… I just don’t like the way that style looks on me).

At the end of last year, I joined a wardrobe style guide program hosted by a blogger that has a style that meshes with mine. The program gave me a list of wardrobe items that I gathered up and a month’s worth of outfits that only used what was in that wardrobe for the month of January.

It was empowering and flexible and showed me how easy it is to work with fewer items in my closet. What I loved most though was not having to decide what to wear in the morning- it was already planned out for me. and. it. was. awesome.

It saved me so much time in the mornings.

As the program came to an end- I felt compelled to figure out how to plan out my outfits more… and that brought me back to Stylebook. This new found purpose of wanting to plan out my outfits for every morning plus the template from the wardrobe challenge inspired me to give the app another try. Continue Reading →

In links to love/ pinterest finds fridays

This and That. Happy as a Clam.

.Happy Friday everyone! Apart from a little sickness and a lot of work- it was a pretty good week. The outlook is still good even while the news feels… not good. I think that we can still be positive and content with our outlook and our approach to the everyday.

Who is excited for the weekend? I have a manicure tomorrow morning (squee!! I love going to the salon) and I’m excited to lounge with my hubby. :)

one  |  this photo just makes me want to go exploring  //  via scott sharick

two  |  turquoise hexagon tile in the kitchen? yes please  //  via wit & delight

three  |  i’m in love with these chic photo albums  //  via artifact uprising

four  |   happy as a clam  //  via mydesigndigest | instagram

five  |   anyone else wish they could look this cool?   //  via figtny

six  |   the gorgeousness of G.F Smith crafts a paper palace in London  //  via wallpaper*

Seven  |   beautiful ‘Beauty and the Beast’ socks from Stance!!  //  via hello giggles

In unique & useful

Hello March! Downloadable Calendar Freebie.

Hello! Helloooooo March and helloooooo to new free March 2017 calendar wallpapers! Spring is coming everyone… for a few weeks, it has been really really ‘spring-y’ here in Colorado with some surprisingly warm weather. Lately is has shifted back to winter vibes (which I’m honestly cool with… I like having distinct seasons).

So March is usually a great month for me. Every year for the past several years my mother and I head out to hang out with my grandmother in Michigan, and this year my dad and hubby are tagging along for part of it. My grandmother is an incredible woman. I love spending time with her and am so happy when my hubby also gets to spend time with her too. Plus- I love spending time with my parents too. Win win. :D

Also, I’m feeling stronger and happier these days. I’m exercising several times a week, and I’m starting to see pretty awesome results. I am getting closer to the one year anniversary of my massive muscular issue last year… and for some reason that scares me a little bit. I think I might talk about that in more detail in another post- but in general, I trying to keep my focus on positive things instead of drifting into fear and anxiety. I’m ready to keep working through all of this. :)

Click through for the download links.
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In analog v digital/ unique & useful

Every Day Carry for a Work Day.

So this is my very first everyday carry post. Woohoo! I am very particular about a lot of things in my life… and what I carry with me is a big one. I have two main categories when it comes to my everyday carry- my actual day-to-day and then my work day carry.

I decided I would start with my work day carry- as I have been extra particular about this and my picks are now tried and true. I work in a semi-professional environment- meaning we are professional in our work but much more relaxed with our attire and general atmosphere. I still like to look put together and not overly flashy with what I carry with me to meetings… but also I can’t help but squish in personal touches to what I use.

I love pens, paper, pencil and the like way too much to just use the standard issue pen and notebook. Apart from my phone, my water bottle, and my name badge- this is what I have with me all day while I’m working.

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