Hello Baby Card


Chubby cheeks, diapers and all!

This unique card is hand lettered and handmade in small batches on recycled paper and is the perfect way to welcome a new baby.


Bright, Hand Lettered Happy Greeting Card for New Baby

Greet a new bundle of joy with this soft, bright card. This unique card is handmade in small batches on recycled paper made in the USA. There are four envelope colors available (Peacock, Kraft, Persimmon, and Beet).

By purchasing this card, you are making a positive impact in the world and getting people cleaning water! 10% of the card’s profits is donated to charity:water.

Outside of card  :  Hello Baby
Inside  :  Blank

Cardstock  :  Recycled True White (unbleached white)
Envelope  :  Envelope : European Pointed Flap, Four Color Options
(Peacock, Kraft, Persimmon, and Beet)
Size  :  4.25×5.5 (A2)

Comes in clear, plastic sleeve for protection


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