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Easy Chemical Free Hair Dye. Coffee Grounds.


This week’s challenge will be a tiny bit different than what I have usually been doing- but just bare with me.

I started dying my hair about five years ago. I have always been unhappy with my hair color which is a dark… ashy blonde color. I’ve been told that my hair color is call “dirty dish water blonde.” Mmmm… no, bleck. So when a couple months after I left home for college (really had nothing to do with my parents not allowing me to do it- it was just when I got fed up with hating my hair color) I died my hair to be a much much darker brunette color (and yes I even played with odd colors… like purple). 

Since then I haven’t gone back to letting my hair be its natural color- and frankly I never really want to go back. I’m feeling a little unsure though about all the harsh chemicals that I’ve been using to hide the fact I’m a ‘dirty dish water blonde’ (I mean really is that the best name they could come up with??) so I began searching the internet for alternatives that don’t require henna (I’m just not feeling into the idea of having to boil the stuff and then leave it in my hair for a couple hours… I just don’t have time for that). Thus, I stumbled across an idea of dying my hair with coffee. I joke not… coffee. Continue Reading