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Hello Friday! I have had a interesting week……. I had a little bit of a sore throat last Friday. Then woke update last Saturday with a horrible sore throat and no voice whatsoever. I could still move around and function though so my hubby and I went out and about to our planned activities… where we noticed something wrong with my car.

Sooo… Monday morning comes and I’m really sick (probably shouldn’t have gone to beer fest the day before… but it was so much fun) and I have to give my car to the dealership to get looked at. I was home from work sick without a car pretty much all week. :(

I’m hoping to get my car back today… while the courtesy rental is nice, I really miss my car. We’ll see if I get it back today. Luckily I can at least talk again… I’m still coughing and blowing my nose like crazy, but I sound worse than I feel now.


one  |  awesome lolly  //  via the hambleton

two  |  behind the scenes of a shoot  //  via vintage revival

three  |  branch illustration  //  via katt frank

four  |  black and white lone peak  //  via man and camera

five  |  food& branding  //  via passion

six  |  I just really wan to the warm yellow light  //  via style carrot

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